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Venue Locale

Bear Garden
St Saviour's

Name, as appears in Primary Sources

Bear Garden
in event: Bear-baiting occurs twice a week(?): Vox Graculi
Bear Garden
in event: A character in Richard Brome's 'The Antipodes' mocks the Bear Garden dancing masters
in event: Characters in Richard Brome's 'The Antipodes' debate the appeal of bearbaiting
Beare Garden
in event: Requests, Edward Alleyn vs William Henslowe: Alleyn states his case
Beare garden
in event: Henslowe and Alleyn contract with Peter Street for the rebuilding of Paris Garden
Beare garden
in event: Thomas Dekker's 'The Owl's Almanac' records the death of the bear George Stone
in event: Swetnam compares his misogynist pamphlet to a bear-baiting ring
in event: A version of John Norden's London map includes views of the Bear Garden, the Globe and Swan, ...
Paris Garden
in event: Philip Henslowe 'et alii' are granted a warrant as 'Masters of Paris Garden,' and keepers of the ...
The Bear howse
in event: The map of London printed in John Norden's 1593 'Speculum Britanniae' offers views of the Bear Garden ...
in event: Edward Alleyn lists deeds and bonds relating to the Bear Garden
beare gardein
in event: The Commissioners for the Sewers order John Wardner and William Sellers to clean the common sewer
beare yerde
in event: Chancery, Polsted vs Wistowe: Robert Wistowe is cited for nonpayment of rent for 'the bear yard'
in event: Henslowe writes to Edward Alleyn about the acquisition of the Beargarden
his Mate Bearegarden
in event: Edward Alleyn -- 'Master of his Majesty's Beargarden' -- petitions Lord High Treasurer Cranfield for sums owed
le Beare yarde
in event: John Allen leases the Beargarden property
le Paris Garden
in event: Edward Alleyn and Philip Henslowe receive 18l 5s for the care of two white bears and a ...
the Beargarden
in event: Richard Margrave is jailed for publishing word of an assembly
the Beargarden
in event: Henslowe and Alleyn pay the Master of the King's Game for permission to use Paris Garden for ...
the tiltyard
in event: Rowland White to Sir Philip Sidney: Today the Queen is entertained by a French rope dancer, tomorrow ...

Active dates

From: 17 June 1537 To: 1656 (Source of claim: externally supplied)


This is a generic name for a number of structures built on the Bankside from the mid-sixteenth century up to the building of the Hope in 1614. Bear-baiting arenas were often referred to colloquially at Paris Garden.

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