Project Information

Team and Sponsors

Early Modern London Theatres (EMLoT) could not have been created without the help of the following institutions and individuals, whose contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Financial Sponsors

Canada Project Team

  • Sally-Beth MacLean (REED) Principal Investigator for SSHRC International Opportunities Fund and Public Outreach and Insight grants.
  • Tanya Hagen (REED) bibliographer and editor of EMLoT records; database design
  • John Estabillo (REED) associate editor, EMLoT v2 (2012-17)
  • Jamie Norrish (REED) developer (software upgrade), EMLoT v2
  • Jason Boyd (REED) manager of REED-based work, EMLoT v1; database design; webtext
  • Chris Hicklin (REED) associate editor, EMLoT v1; Learning Zone content developer
  • Sian Meikle (University of Toronto Libraries) database consultant
  • Maria Lau (REED) REED logo; image editing
  • Timothy Harrison (REED) bibliographic research assistant (2009)
  • Toby Malone (REED) bibliographic research assistant (2009)

UK Project Team

  • John Bradley (DDH/KDL) Co-Investigator of the AHRC project; EMLoT technical design and development; final version design and development
  • Michele Pasin (DDH) Technical Project Officer; EMLoT technical design and development; EMLoT web application design and development
  • Miguel Vieira (KDL) Principal Research Software Engineer; continuing technical support
  • Paul Vetch (DDH) digital design of the EMLoT website and web application
  • Beatriz Caballero (DDH) digital design of the EMLoT website and web application
  • Jessica Freeman (University of Southampton) REED Middlesex/Westminster collection editor; manuscript research
  • John McGavin (University of Southampton) Principal Investigator of the AHRC project; webtext

EMLoT Advisory Board

  • Caroline Barron (Royal Holloway University of London)
  • Matthew Davies (Institute of Historical Research, University of London)
  • Farah Karim-Cooper (Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe)