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Name, as appears in Primary Sources

Paris Garden
in event: The Spanish Ambassador sees animals baited at the Hope
Paris Garden
in event: The Lord High Treasurer writes to the Lord Mayor about Sunday performances
Paris Garden
in event: Fleetwood writes of the collapse of the Bear Garden
Paris Garden
in event: The Lord Mayor of London writes to Burghley about the collapse of the Bear Garden
Paris Garden
in event: The lord mayor of London asks a Middlesex justice to forbid a fencing match at the Theatre
Paris Garden
in event: Thomas Nash refers to 'puppets' at Paris Garden
Paris Garden
in event: Audience members are injured and killed when parts of Paris Garden collapse during a Sunday bear-baiting
Paris Garden
in event: The Theatre and Curtain destroy the body and soul: Field
Paris Garden
in event: A tourist goes to Paris Garden to see a bear-baiting, but instead must suffer a play
Paris Garden
in event: Jonson execrates against the burning of the Globe
Paris garden
in event: The Bear Garden collapses: Stow (1615)
Paris garden
in event: The Bear Garden collapses: Stowe (1631)
in event: Poems compared to bear-baiting: Hall
in event: Lambarde mentions Paris Garden, the Bel Savage, and the Theatre as common resorts for entertainment at reasonable ...
Parish Garden
in event: Those suffering under James I's economic policies are like the bears baited at Paris Garden: Thomas Wentworth
Parishe garden
in event: Watermen' fares across the Thames
Parris Garden
in event: A character in Dekker's 'Satiromastix' claims to have played 'Zulziman' at Paris Garden
in event: The title-page of John Field's 'A Godly Exhortation' advertises the tragedy at Paris Garden
Parrish garden
in event: Earl of Bedford requests the return of mastiffs from Edward Alleyn
Parys Gardeyne in the Countye of Surrey
in event: Francis Langley aquires the manor of Paris Garden for £850
Parys garden
in event: French ambassadors attend a bull- and bear-baiting
pallace garden
in event: Patrick Brewe writes to Edward Alleyn about the sale of the Gill family property
paris garden
in event: Rakes lead a gull to Paris Garden
parish garden
in event: An epigram mocks students who follow the bear-baiting
the Palles Garden at London
in event: Sir William Faunt writes to Edward Alleyn concerning bulls for Paris Garden
the manor of ould parish Garden
in event: Chancery, Chute vs Langley: A deposition corrects the claim that Langley bought the Paris Garden property from ...

Active dates

From: circa 1555 To: before 1642 (Source of claim: undefined)

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