Viewing Event Record: Edward Alleyn lists deeds and bonds relating to the Bear Garden


Edward Alleyn lists 43 documents pertaining primarily to Bear Garden real state transactions, including leases, conveyances, and bounds between Alleyn and many known associates of both the theatre and Bear Garden. The list is not attached to the documents.

Date Event Recorded

From: circa 1594 To: 1616 (Source of claim: transcription)

Date Event Happened

From: circa 1594 To: 1616 (Source of claim: transcription)


Bear Garden


Name Event Role(s) Document Role(s)
Payne, Joan landowner
Glouer, ––– landowner
Bowes, John landowner
Watson, Daniel landowner
Ballarde, ––– landowner
Bowes, Edward landowner
Bowes, Ralph landowner
Diges, ––– leaseholder
Burnaby, ––– leaseholder debtor
Hayes, ––– leaseholder creditor
Alleyn, Edward leaseholder author, creditor, property holder
Moltus, ––– leaseholder
Henslowe, Philip leaseholder
Meade, Jacob leaseholder creditor
Napton, John master debtor
Wiston, ––– tenant
Burnes, ––– tenant

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Event Type

  • beargarden business