Viewing Event Record: The inhabitants of Finsbury petition the privy council to allow the construction of the Fortune


The inhabitants of Finsbury in the parish of St Giles Cripplegate petition the privy council to allow construction of the new theatre to continue. They offer three reasons for their request. First, they note, the place appointed for the new building is sufficiently remote from populated areas that it cannot cause anyone annoyance. Second, the erectors of the new building have promised to contribute a liberal sum to the relief of the poor. Third, the parish is willing to accept this means of relieving the poor, as they themselves are unable to relieve them.

Date Event Recorded

From: circa 1 April 1600 (Source of claim: transcription)

Date Event Happened

From: circa 1 April 1600 (Source of claim: transcription)


Fortune (I)


Admiral's Men


Name Event Role(s) Document Role(s)
Howard, Charles patron
Stapleford, Harry petitioner
Marlowe, Anthony petitioner
Baylle, William petitioner
Hewlett, William petitioner
Browne, William (III) petitioner constable
Wild, Roger petitioner
Gateward, Edward petitioner
Remys, John petitioner
Garruld, William petitioner
Goode, Richard petitioner
Garland, George petitioner overseer of the poor
Sherman, Nicholas petitioner
Stapleford, Thomas petitioner
Webbe, John petitioner
Ford, Martin petitioner
Hitchens, John petitioner overseer of the poor
Abbott, Stephen petitioner
Garland, Awsten petitioner
Russell, Nicholas petitioner
Osborne, Roger petitioner
Johnson, John petitioner
Warden, Nicholas petitioner
Whelple, Thomas petitioner
Gibbes, Thomas petitioner
Lewes, Richard petitioner
Nicholl, Thomas petitioner

Event Type

  • petition
  • playhouse context