Viewing Event Record: Requests, Pembroke's Men vs Francis Langley: The players state their case


Five players in the Earl of Pembroke's troupe -- Robert Shaw, Richard Jones, Gabriel Spencer, William Bird and Thomas Downton -- bring a suit against Francis Langley over the use of the Swan theatre. In February 1596/7, the players contracted to rent the Swan theatre from Langley, on condition that the troupe would neither 'absent themselves nor playe els where but in the said plaiehowse Called the swann.' Each of the players was bound for £100, and the terms of the contract were to run for a year, from 20 February 1596/7 to 20 February 1597/8. The players were not to play anywhere within five miles of London, excepting private places, or the contract was void. Since that time, however, a restraint has been imposed on playing in and about the City of London, which has prevented the players from meeting the terms of the contract. Langley, in response, has brought a proceeding against two of the company members, so the troupe cannot continue playing, and now threatens to bring a Common Law suit against the troupe members for the £500.

Date Event Recorded

From: before 17 November 1597 (Source of claim: transcription)

Date Event Happened

From: February 1597 To: November 1597 (Source of claim: externally supplied)




Pembroke's Men


Name Event Role(s) Document Role(s)
Langley, Francis defendant
Herbert, Henry patron
Shaw, Robert plaintiff player
Jones, Richard plaintiff player
Spencer, Gabriel plaintiff player
Bird, William plaintiff player
Downton, Thomas plaintiff player